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Incuity - Enhancing productivity with integrated approach

This write up focuses on the significance of creating a platform to seamlessly integrate an organization's plant floor information with its business system using INCUITY .

A convergence of new business drivers, including compressed delivery schedules and ever pressing regulatory demands, has intensified the focus on the critical value of information generated from the manufacturing environment . This in turn has stepped up the need for manufacturers to create an integrated environment, where plant-floor processes and business systems are managed in a collaborative and synchronized manner.

However, many companies do not have an identifiable group that focuses on plant-level information and systems. Segregation between the information technology and engineering departments is no longer acceptable in today's increasingly integrated manufacturing environment. To truly leverage the data needed to improve performance , companies must tear down the long-standing barrier between IT and plant-floor controls engineering groups.

Mindset and communication

The key to effectively blend IT and manufacturing teams is not the technology it is the mindset and communication. These two groups (IT professionals and manufacturing engineers) often are not well aligned, due to the core differences in understanding priorities, objectives and even the terminologies. Yet, each has important knowledge and invaluable experience to help energize the experience. Therefore, it's important that companies align every department around a common goal, and find ways to unite IT and automation teams. The potential benefits of this convergence are very clear.  

Benefits of convergence

The path toward convergence brings higher efficiency, increased reliability, shorter project timeliness and better business continuity. It also has a positive impact on various manufacturing processes and programs, including plant-level system security, real time manufacturing and quality programs such as Six Sigma. A better converged framework also allows team to set standards for integration, data management and future technology investments.

Understanding cultural differences

One key contributor to success is how well team members understand and value each other's attitudes, perspectives and cultural differences. That is where the role of higher management & the convergence facilitators like Allied Automation Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. becomes critical to smoothly converge the ideas & actions of both sides and achieve the desired results. They help IT to gain a better understanding and appreciation for unique demands of manufacturing-centric information systems. Our strength lies in understanding the shop floor pains and translating them in actionable solution requirements for the IT teams. In a way, we help in deciphering two different languages for two interest groups in the organization.


The USP of INCUITY is its ability to use inputs from varied sources like PLCs, client's ERP database, Excel sheets etc.; analyze these data against pre-defined performance criterion and provide a management dash-board / Alert for all exceptions on real time to enable the management have on-line controls on all critical process parameters. (Please find enclosed a small presentation on INCUITY for your reference.)

  • FCS - Incuity allows data from disparate sources to be used together. (OPC DA, HDA, PLCs, RFIDs)
  • The data is organized into a model for the business so that key information is available to everyone that is meaningful to them through their browser.
  • Tools for analysis and reporting provide insight into the manufacturing process helping people make good business decisions.
  • Exception / process deviations can be monitored / controlled with great ease and effectiveness by concerned people.
  • INCUITY can integrate information from geographically separate plants into one consolidated MIS for the top management and may be made available to them real time on move.

The brief process is as under

  • Connectivity to Shop floor/ Equipments
    • OPC DA, HDA, PLCs, RFIDs
    • Siemens, Allen Bradley, GE Fanuc, Rockwell
    • Tag definition & management
  • Integration & Data Gathering Infrastructure
    • Integration to Manufacturing Execution Systems, Historians, SCADA systems
    • Integration to ERP Oracle Manufacturing, JD Edwards, SAP
    • Bi-directional integration From Equipments to ERP & vice versa
  • Plant Level Operational Intelligence
    • Real-time dashboards targeted at plant operations
    • Real-time KPIs- Min, Hour, Shift, Day
    • Manufacturing centric KPIs & metrics
    • Target users Plant Manager, Supervisors, Maintenance manager, Quality Manager
    • Causal analysis
    • Data Patterns
  • Cross Plant Operational Intelligence
    • Dashboards for - VP of Supply Chain, Plant Manager
    • Strategic and operational Metrics & KPIs - day, week, month
    • Historical MTD, YTD trends & charts
  • And the benefits are
    • Analyze Production
    • Improve Product Quality
    • Improve Equipment Performance
    • Optimize Production Performance
    • Optimize Supply Chain
    • Ensure Compliance
    • Real time contact with the critical KPIs

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