Gear Boxes, Motors & Variators


AES has qualified engineers to understand and to offer the power transmission solutions to our Customers. The exertise is very well supported by larges stocks of Gear boxes, Motors & Variators of Bonfiglioli make. Prompt response & fast deliveries are our strengths.

Types of Products:


Food industry and Packaging

  • Bottle washing unit with worm gear reducer
  • Compact Worm gear motors in packing machines
  • Drive arrangement in racking system
  • Mixer drives in packaging industry
  • Mobile racking system
  • In packaging

Construction Industry

  • Feed conveyor in batching plant
  • Helical Gearmotors working in pipe industry
  • Pan mixer drive in batch mixing plant
  • Skip drive in batch mixing plant
  • Shaft mounted gearbox in feed conveyor in concrete batching plant

Sugar Industry

  • Bevel planetary gearbox in bagasse carrier drive
  • Bevel planetary gerbox in cane carrier drive
  • Bevel planetary gerbox in cane carrier drive
  • Return Baggase carrier drive

Steel plants

  • Conveyor drive in steel pelletization plant
  • Conveyor handling steel pellets
  • Coke oven battery
  • Charging gate
  • Planetary gear motor
  • Driving arrangement

Applications in Paper manufacturing & Textile industry

  • Drum filter drive working in a lime plant with High Torque planetary gearmotor
  • Sludge tank agitator drive with in-built thrust bearing in compact bevel planetary gearbox
  • Vat agitator drive with Helical bevel gearmotor
  • Carding Machine
  • Web delivery drive
  • Worm gearmotor in brush drive

Maintenance of Gearboxes and Electric motors

  • Check gear boxes and gear motors periodically for cleanliness. Avoid accumulation of dust on the gear box, motor and motor cowl etc.
  • Check the mounting bolts and electrical connections periodically (once in a month) for correct torque.
  • Apply anti-sieze compound once in twelve months on the motor coupling shaft.
  • Avoid accumulation of dust on the oil seals. This can erode oil seals and cause oil leakage.
  • Check for oil level daily. If required, top it up with correct grade oil as per the table.
    Check the current drawn by the motor periodically as specified in the name plate.
  • Keep the motor clean from dust and oil.
  • Check the seal rings on the electric motor for good condition.
  • Electric motor bearings are lubricated for life. If any abnormal noise is observed, bearing shall be replaced
Oil temperature (Deg. C)
Lubrication interval (hrs)
< 65
8000 hrs
65 - 80
4000 hrs
80 - 95
2000 hrs

Dos and Donts

  • Check for oil level daily
  • Fill oil ISOVG320 in gear boxes from size VF110 to VF18
  • Check the condition of the oil seals
  • When fitting the belt driven pulleys, make sure that the shafts are perfectly parallel and that the pulleys are aligned with each other
  • Provide overload protection to the electric motors
  • Protect motor from water and humidity
  • Do not block the breather holes if its is provided. This may lead to the internal pressure and consequent leakage of oil from oil seals and rubber caps.
  • Do not paint on the oil seals Do not hammer the output / input shafts while fitting the pulley or any other drive mechanism. This may lead to breakage of internals
  • Incorrect alignment can cause damage to the motor and the input shaft bearings
  • Avoid over-tensioning the belts since excess tension can cause bearing failure in the gear box
  • Do not run the motor in high voltage fluctuation
  • Do not disturb the original brake settings
  • Do not give brake supply connections separately as it is already connected internally

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